4 of Best Luxury Hotels in New York

New York is one of the major cities of America which is known as the town which never sleeps. I would definitely add this among cities that you will discover to be so beautiful that you’ll hardly find any reason to prevent it. As a traveler you will certainly find New York to be among the best places to visit during the summers in addition to winters. I am now listing a few of the luxury hotels in New York and I really hope that you’ll visit them at least once inside a year.

1. Park Central Hotel

This is a three star hotel however it comes in the list from the luxury hotel. The average cost of the hotel is around $149. And let me add yet another thing and that is this hotel has lots of luxuries. Either it’s the internet facility or the living room service. This hotel is really equipped with a myriad of amenities. If you will compare the price with the luxuries in addition to with the other hotels then you’ll definitely find that this is the least expensive luxury hotel out here in New York.

2. Hilton Hotel

This really is yet another four star hotels in New York. The average cost of remain in this hotel is around $204 which is definitely cheap so far as the comparison with the luxuries can be involved. You will not find a much better hotel than this. And allow me to add that the hotel Hilton can be found in the posh area too. In fact it is located in the commercial center of New York. If you wish to carry the business from any room out here you’ll be able to do it easily since internet facility can also be provided.

3. St Regis

When it comes to the St. Regis Hotel, no cost was spared. From the moment you arrive you’ll be greeting by a superb staff and also have your own iconic butler support. Be surrounded by the stunning décor of silk wall hangings, luxurious velvets, gold staircases, custom-made home furniture, deeply carved crown moldings as well as wainscoting, and marble baths. Various bars and lounges are available and also a restaurant with food from acclaimed cook Alain Ducasse. Prices begin with around $1000 per night.

4. The Peninsula

Go through the most comfortable you have, surround yourself with the softness of the plush robe, and soak within the beauty of the elegantly embellished Peninsula hotel, and it’s one of the luxury hotels in New York. From room service towards the stunning Shanghai inspired restaurant, there isn’t any shortage of fine dining in the Peninsula. Enjoy a dip within the rooftop pool or pamper yourself having a spa treatment. Prices start from around $975 per night.

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